Monday, June 28, 2010

I Know what I Know

Shades of Shakira!! I love African dance and choral music. So when I was looking for a video Michael Malone had posted, I found this:

I have to have one of those skirts. It makes the dance! At first I couldn't figure out how they move their feet and hips at the same time. Apparently, they 'shake it' so hard, they lift their feet off the ground. How fun. How many calories do you reckon they generate?

Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo,  I Know What I Know.

I think I'll treat you and me both to a couple of these this week.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oil Spill Rain?

I've been quiet about my concerns so far since this is basically a writer's blog. But this writer lives in Louisiana and she has been very concerned about the global effects of the oil spill on our environment. About the possibility of the entire Gulf of Mexico becoming a dead zone. About species of fish from the size of plankton to hump back and sperm whales, who come to the gulf to breed, having their numbers drastically reduced. Already two hump back juveniles have washed up on the New Jersey coastline. Victims of the gulf spill? They don't know yet.

US Coast Guard estimated that approximately seven to ten million gallons of oil and petroleum distillates were spilled during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The losses were from various sources, including pipelines, storage tanks, drilling rigs, production platforms and industrial plants. Then, two years ago, after Gustav, I heard the rain was more toxic than usual and we saw a direct result in our gardens and fishing in the area a hundred miles north of the gulf.

How much more toxic a hurricane will a methane and oil clogged ocean produce? Reports are that the methane being produced from the dispersants in the water could be as high as a million times higher than normal. Add to that the lie factor of BP and we could be looking at much much more. Through the grapevine some have heard FEMA is making short and long term plans to evacuate 200miles from the coast which would include most of southern and maybe central Louisiana, MIssissippi, and the panhandle of Florida. shows the radius just so:

We're not talking livelihoods, fishing, or vacations, here, people. We're talking about totally abandoning the gulf coast until it's safe to return. And have we proven how adept we are at solving catastrophes like this?

April 23, 2010 an article with videos of the rig on fire reported that fears had eased over the threat of an oil spill.

Sorry to sound like chicken little but I don't think now is the time to stick our heads in the sand...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sports - Inspiration for Writers

This was the score at darkthirty yesterday evening. I'm sure there were more people than not taking one look at that score and scratching their heads.

ESPN video of Wednesday's action

What more could we ask than a three day marathon like the record breaking FIRST ROUND match between Isner of the US(seeded number 23) and Nicholas Fahut (number 146) in a ten hour set - yes, I said, SET - which concluded today finally after eleven hours at 70-68,with John Isner winning and a full standing stadium cheering them on including the Queen.

As writers we learn valuable lessons by studying these great sports contests. Look at the great battles just this month.
~The NBA finals where two champions - the Celtics and the Lakers - went at it with the all time winningest team record in mind. The Celtics still lead, but the Lakers won't quit trying to win out.
~Graham McDowell got ahead and pretty much stayed there for his first US Open and the first for Northern Ireland. He never looked like he didn't believe he could win it.
~USA in their struggle to overcome bad calls finally won their group, for the first time since 1930, and would have won more decisively had the calls gone their way.
~This match between two warriors in fitness, talent and grit. Roger Federer said they are both winners because no one can imagine what it would take to do what they've done. And this is just the first round!
~TCU vs Florida State in the college baseball championships - Florida State was ahead 7-3 in the top of the eighth then TCU scored 8 runs to win 11-7. Never give up. Plenty more of this to come.

ESPN's Tennis results scoreboard here.

Stay tuned...epics about this Summer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USA vs Algeria!


Must have had a wee drinkie and excited about the win... ;))

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm trying to get up to speed on the World Cup. I went to the internet to look up the rules and found an article on futbol rules for 'dummies'. It seems to me that soccer is called football, for obvious reasons. So maybe NFL game should maybe be called 'throw' ball. I mean, kicking the ball isn't the main focus. Possession times, changes in possession, penalties, coach/player squabbles - all that's familiar. Even bad calls. Please tell me the US should have won that last match. I couldn't see a foul.

Question: if you had the opportunity to play on a global venue for your country would you create a stink and refuse to play over what will not amount to anything more than egg on your own face and a disappointing look back in the future? Divas.

Before The U.S. and England ended up with two draws each I would have said I didn't like draws. But it's better than losing, ;) I guess if they tried to play until someone scored you could be there all night.

Speaking of challenges, I began a new one this week. It's called the 100x100. This means you put your butt in a chair and write a minimum of 100 words a day for 100 days, very effective for setting a daily habit. I hear you saying what about that planner I bought in January with a page for writing daily? No excuses. Life just happens, work and creativity go in cycles it seems.

I added an additional layer to my 100x1000x100, 100 words, 1000 seconds of treadmill, for 100 days IN A ROW - MINIMUM. So far so good. And my commitment to myself is if I miss a day of either one I start over. Want to join me? No guts, no gloreee.

What am I working on? The sequel to TR, my paranormal. I'm not trying to write the entire rough draft, just enough that I can answer some of the questions on book one that had me stumped, then on to revising. I decided today after writing it in Word the last few days that I'm going back to WriteItNow for its ability to organize ideas, character info and scenes. More PC problems, all of them Toshibas, coincidence? I miss my Mac!!!!!!

Other entertaining sporting events this week, the Lakers Celtics Final and Sunday's US OPEN in which Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell beat the field in a wild and crazy afternoon. Wimbledon is coming up and then FOOTBALL!!! Er, THROW BALL!!

I'm reaady.
(Just a reminder to pass the word. VACATION ON THE GULF COAST OR IN NEW ORLEANS TO HELP residents!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

No News

NO NEWS by Lonestar

One of my favorite treadmill songs, a lively beat and fun to singalong with, actually, I think this is the one I pulled a muscle to. Even if you don't like country music you have to appreciate the lyrics.

I'd like to say I went on the road with Pearl Jam or went undercover with the CIA (hmm, or would I?) but I've just been having computer problems, running mail, and trying to stay cool in the upper ninety degree heat and humidity. Haven't I said before? - I HATE heat. After I visited Maui, someone asked how I liked it. My response, "I would have rather gone to Scotland." Snow birds have it right - spend winter months in - my opinion - Ohio and Summer in Canada. Since it seems the 90s are spread clear up to Canada this week, you'd have to go even further to get cool.

I sold my Macbook and I'm lost without it. I carried it with me everywhere and used it as my primary computer. I've got a four year old IMAC that runs like new and a brand new PC that crashed right out of the box. The store is replacing it but then I have to go through that whole process again. I know, you're probably thinking as much as I love software I'm enjoying it. NOT! I like programs to run smoothly. Macs are so effortless, so well designed, it's hard to go back to PC, even temporarily.

I guess I've become a Mac snob. At least I have my IMAC. Since I discovered OMMwriter I don't think I can give it up. Maybe PC users will get lucky when they put out the PC version.

The problem is flow. I need to get stabilized on one computer so I can get back into my writing routine. I've been back and forth between laptops.

Sports news - the US and England tied in the World Cup so we're still in it. And NFL football players are on the practice field so it won't be long before football season starts. I'm getting in the mood with my new ringtone - the Fox NFL theme.

Are you ready for some football?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've Got Your Back

Okay, I guess you can tell I'm studying emotions this week as I work my way through OTHR.

I ran across a quote from Wayne Dyer in my notes that blew me away.

"Disharmony activates EGO."

Think about that. About all the disharmony going around right now globally - between individuals, in politics. Why are we in competition with our fellow earthlings? Why DON'T we work together for solutions? I think the main reason is because we're too concerned with being right, with casting blame, with having what our fellows have, and not nearly as sincere as we should be about finding real solutions.

On that line, CNN reported today a website A Complaint Free World which suggests that there is too much complaining going on and not enough 'shut up and search for a solution'. They propose you wear their little purple bracelet to remind you for 21 days to be positive, recognize your complaints and stop. Think about how you can be part of the solution. Are you up for it?

If you'd like to download the widget go here


And to get your Complaint Free bracelet, here. Good luck on your journey.


Don't you wish you could relax like this? The little fella is certainly tuckered out. I'm curious - what is the caption you'd put below this picture?

It's 95 here so there won't be much lounging around by the bayou. So much to do and so few months left in the year. Isn't it crazy, we're in June already. Mother Nature's still snowing and delivering cold rain to many places.

Hope the weather's nice in your part of the world.