Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oil Spill Rain?

I've been quiet about my concerns so far since this is basically a writer's blog. But this writer lives in Louisiana and she has been very concerned about the global effects of the oil spill on our environment. About the possibility of the entire Gulf of Mexico becoming a dead zone. About species of fish from the size of plankton to hump back and sperm whales, who come to the gulf to breed, having their numbers drastically reduced. Already two hump back juveniles have washed up on the New Jersey coastline. Victims of the gulf spill? They don't know yet.

US Coast Guard estimated that approximately seven to ten million gallons of oil and petroleum distillates were spilled during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The losses were from various sources, including pipelines, storage tanks, drilling rigs, production platforms and industrial plants. Then, two years ago, after Gustav, I heard the rain was more toxic than usual and we saw a direct result in our gardens and fishing in the area a hundred miles north of the gulf.

How much more toxic a hurricane will a methane and oil clogged ocean produce? Reports are that the methane being produced from the dispersants in the water could be as high as a million times higher than normal. Add to that the lie factor of BP and we could be looking at much much more. Through the grapevine some have heard FEMA is making short and long term plans to evacuate 200miles from the coast which would include most of southern and maybe central Louisiana, MIssissippi, and the panhandle of Florida. shows the radius just so:

We're not talking livelihoods, fishing, or vacations, here, people. We're talking about totally abandoning the gulf coast until it's safe to return. And have we proven how adept we are at solving catastrophes like this?

April 23, 2010 an article with videos of the rig on fire reported that fears had eased over the threat of an oil spill.

Sorry to sound like chicken little but I don't think now is the time to stick our heads in the sand...

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