Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm trying to get up to speed on the World Cup. I went to the internet to look up the rules and found an article on futbol rules for 'dummies'. It seems to me that soccer is called football, for obvious reasons. So maybe NFL game should maybe be called 'throw' ball. I mean, kicking the ball isn't the main focus. Possession times, changes in possession, penalties, coach/player squabbles - all that's familiar. Even bad calls. Please tell me the US should have won that last match. I couldn't see a foul.

Question: if you had the opportunity to play on a global venue for your country would you create a stink and refuse to play over what will not amount to anything more than egg on your own face and a disappointing look back in the future? Divas.

Before The U.S. and England ended up with two draws each I would have said I didn't like draws. But it's better than losing, ;) I guess if they tried to play until someone scored you could be there all night.

Speaking of challenges, I began a new one this week. It's called the 100x100. This means you put your butt in a chair and write a minimum of 100 words a day for 100 days, very effective for setting a daily habit. I hear you saying what about that planner I bought in January with a page for writing daily? No excuses. Life just happens, work and creativity go in cycles it seems.

I added an additional layer to my 100x1000x100, 100 words, 1000 seconds of treadmill, for 100 days IN A ROW - MINIMUM. So far so good. And my commitment to myself is if I miss a day of either one I start over. Want to join me? No guts, no gloreee.

What am I working on? The sequel to TR, my paranormal. I'm not trying to write the entire rough draft, just enough that I can answer some of the questions on book one that had me stumped, then on to revising. I decided today after writing it in Word the last few days that I'm going back to WriteItNow for its ability to organize ideas, character info and scenes. More PC problems, all of them Toshibas, coincidence? I miss my Mac!!!!!!

Other entertaining sporting events this week, the Lakers Celtics Final and Sunday's US OPEN in which Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell beat the field in a wild and crazy afternoon. Wimbledon is coming up and then FOOTBALL!!! Er, THROW BALL!!

I'm reaady.
(Just a reminder to pass the word. VACATION ON THE GULF COAST OR IN NEW ORLEANS TO HELP residents!)


Michael Malone said...

sounds like you're getting the jist of it, Marley. Good luck with the 100x100. I'm liking that idea, cos more times than not you'll end up doing more than 100

Marley Delarose, Author said...

I figure Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Netherlands have the edge (according to my little Google football widget) ;))

And yes, I had three days over 1500...if I had more of the plot figured out I'd have written much more.