Friday, June 25, 2010

Sports - Inspiration for Writers

This was the score at darkthirty yesterday evening. I'm sure there were more people than not taking one look at that score and scratching their heads.

ESPN video of Wednesday's action

What more could we ask than a three day marathon like the record breaking FIRST ROUND match between Isner of the US(seeded number 23) and Nicholas Fahut (number 146) in a ten hour set - yes, I said, SET - which concluded today finally after eleven hours at 70-68,with John Isner winning and a full standing stadium cheering them on including the Queen.

As writers we learn valuable lessons by studying these great sports contests. Look at the great battles just this month.
~The NBA finals where two champions - the Celtics and the Lakers - went at it with the all time winningest team record in mind. The Celtics still lead, but the Lakers won't quit trying to win out.
~Graham McDowell got ahead and pretty much stayed there for his first US Open and the first for Northern Ireland. He never looked like he didn't believe he could win it.
~USA in their struggle to overcome bad calls finally won their group, for the first time since 1930, and would have won more decisively had the calls gone their way.
~This match between two warriors in fitness, talent and grit. Roger Federer said they are both winners because no one can imagine what it would take to do what they've done. And this is just the first round!
~TCU vs Florida State in the college baseball championships - Florida State was ahead 7-3 in the top of the eighth then TCU scored 8 runs to win 11-7. Never give up. Plenty more of this to come.

ESPN's Tennis results scoreboard here.

Stay tuned...epics about this Summer.

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