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Paranormal Romance 

Follow the saga of Tempe Pomeroy, Sheriff Jack Lang and their friends on their Paramortal journey. The Destiny Paramortals series is a quirky, emotional ride through Destiny, a community where humans live alongside dragons, vampires, shifters and a family of tempestaeries and djinn. 
Just don't tell the humans.

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Storm Crazy Bonus

Destiny Paramortals Boxset

DestinyParamortals Boxset 2

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Contemporary Romance

What is the first thing you think of when you see a rainbow?
Many things come to mind for me: Hope – "somewhere over the rainbow" Renewal – after the rain comes the rainbow. Second chances, new beginnings. In the Native American legends it stood for a kind of magical serendipity.

Rainbow Bayou was named for the colors its movement reflects in the local sky whether its a sunrise, blue sky or the storms the frequently roll through the Louisiana landscape.

The Callaway-Larue family novels are stories of life, love and community – of hope and second chances, and they reflect my belief that love happens out of the blue, when we least expect it, or want it.

I hope you enjoy the series which has been largely revised and rebranded with new content to reflect its true genre, a contemporary family romance series. This family knows about sacrifice, commitment and love. I hope you love them as much as I have when writing them.

Though the first four books have been revised and rebranded with new content and characters woven in. The last four which will be published by the end of the year are brand-new.

"A series with so much love and heart you’ll be cheering for each couple to get their happily ever after."

When the Right One Comes Along  

Buffy Calloway is finally coming home.

Love happens when you least expect it even for these two professionals, one who doesn't have time for love and the other who has the benefit of an inherited prognosticator known as the Calloway Curl.
Former international model and photographer Lana Calloway is attending the DC romance convention to find the perfect model, the “one” whose face and body could make her new business venture a success. At a conference event she finds him – an unwilling and unlikely candidate. Turns out his appearance was a fluke, but the Calloways have a history of getting their man, or woman, and she doesn't intend to be the last.
Her prospect is a CEO  meeting with Congress about veterans issues; in other words, he’s got higher priorities than being a cover model. It will take creative measures to convince him that her goals could benefit his mission of making life better for wounded veterans, and oh, by the way, that they are meant to be together.

Too Good To be True

Love happens when and where, and with whom you least expect it. . .as Officer Delilah Burke finds out.

As an experienced police officer Delilah Burke is no pushover. She prides herself on her instincts but when she arrives at the scene of a convenience store robbery she finds herself unwillingly intrigued by the tall dark and handsome perp dressed in a mercenary uniform and armed with fake weapons which begs the question - what else about him is fake?
Luc seems too good to be true, but his huge, surprising family embraces her and when he’s threatened they join in Delilah's efforts to protect him. Delilah is drawn to him like no other but can she keep him safe so they can have a future together?

Only the Heart Remembers

Love happens. . .when you least expect it! Out of the blue... or the night.
Brenna has only been home to Rainbow Bayou a few months when the first storm of the season delivers a surprise. A very bad feeling and when that happens, she pays attention.
When a stranger trieds to enter her cabin during the night, she whacks him with a fireplace iron creating a bigger problem—he awakens thinking she and this handsome burglar are a couple.
As images from his past surface and their feelings intensify, Brenna finds herself hoping the clues don’t mean what she thinks they do and her new love can last forever.

Christmas Wishes    Release day  October 2nd

Love happens when you least expect it and sometimes delivers surprises and long-awaited second chances.

As the Calloways and Larues gather at the Romanos’ on Christmas Eve, Buffy prepares some surprises for her husband. Meanwhile, her cousin Beau is home from Hollywood and Maddie is nervous about seeing him again. Samantha’s baby is over due and no surprise to Buffy, her ex-boyfriend Jed shows up unexpectedly. Then there’s Luc, who’s is starting to believe maybe Delilah has changed her mind about spending the rest of her life with him. But with the first Christmas miracle, Buffy knows eventually her friends will get their happily-ever-after. A Calloway always knows.

At Long Long Love    October 15th


Love happens. . .when you least expect it! And sometimes it brings a long-awaited second chance.
Madison Hart has been in love with Beau Larue for most of her life. When he comes home unexpectedly, Maddie's traitorous heart leaps at the thought of a second chance. But an accident Beau's Hollywood movie set has sent him home a changed man, in more ways than one.
Maddie makes a sacrifice that pushes Beau even farther away. Will her love be strong enough for both of them to finally find their happily ever-after?

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It Had to Be You

Love happens. . .when you least expect it! And sometime you get lucky and get a third chance.

Jed’s had a change of heart. When he started dating Samantha Larue he knew she was pregnant and still he found her wildly attractive. But when their relationship turns more serious, Jed breaks it off with saying he’d sworn off marriage and kids years ago after an abusive childhood. But six months ago, he delivered Sam’s baby and everytime he sees little Nina he wonders if he made a mistake.
New developments from Jed’s past turn his long held ideas upside down. When Sam is threatened and her secret is exposed, can he convince her to give him a second chance?

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Christmas Vows

Love and all kinds of other stuff happens when you least expect it.

Delilah and Luc and Samantha and Jed are looking forward to their special day, a double Christmas wedding at the Calloway Farm with all their friends and family in attendance. Meanwhile, Beau and Maddie are expecting their baby. Great news, right? But when a wounded veteran returns to find his family has been upended, these three women get caught in the cross fire and the heroic men in their lives scramble to make sure Maddie's delivery and the wedding come off as planned. 

The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou Boxset

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