Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Don't you wish you could relax like this? The little fella is certainly tuckered out. I'm curious - what is the caption you'd put below this picture?

It's 95 here so there won't be much lounging around by the bayou. So much to do and so few months left in the year. Isn't it crazy, we're in June already. Mother Nature's still snowing and delivering cold rain to many places.

Hope the weather's nice in your part of the world.


Thea said...

"Trust is everything"

Michael Malone said...

weather is ok over here in Bonnie Scotland - about 22c. But there's no time to revel in sloth like your cat - BK is on the case.

Marley Delarose, Author said...

Ah, Bonnie Scotland... Envious I am.
You're correct, Michael, I'm sure BK is lurking.
Thea you're suggestion gave me an idea.

"Exposed." Emotionally, of course.


What kind of creature IS that? Looks like a furry starfish. Or a small curly, polar bear rug. :)

My caption: Inside Out

As for the weather, here in western Montana, it's done nothing but rain for the past month. Today, we hit 58 degress. Perhaps if we took your weather, Marley, and ours, tossed them in a paper bag and shook them up together, we'd come up with something each of us would like better...

Bill Kirton said...

OK, I'm assuming M&M's cryptic 'BK' may refer to me, since Burger King posts very infrequently. Trouble is, thanks to the indecorous pose of the 'thing' on the couch, every caption that occurred contained expressions and invitations that should never be articulated in polite society. It is, however, a pose often adopted by males who have opinions of themselves which are commensurate with their unattractiveness.
As for the Scottish weather, cool wind, clouds, no sun on this side. Summer lasted from 8 am to 3.47 pm last Thursday.

Marley Delarose, Author said...

There IS only one BK in this coven.
I'll wish for warmer weather for you. I liked Linda's suggestion as long as we come out on the cool side.