Sunday, June 13, 2010

No News

NO NEWS by Lonestar

One of my favorite treadmill songs, a lively beat and fun to singalong with, actually, I think this is the one I pulled a muscle to. Even if you don't like country music you have to appreciate the lyrics.

I'd like to say I went on the road with Pearl Jam or went undercover with the CIA (hmm, or would I?) but I've just been having computer problems, running mail, and trying to stay cool in the upper ninety degree heat and humidity. Haven't I said before? - I HATE heat. After I visited Maui, someone asked how I liked it. My response, "I would have rather gone to Scotland." Snow birds have it right - spend winter months in - my opinion - Ohio and Summer in Canada. Since it seems the 90s are spread clear up to Canada this week, you'd have to go even further to get cool.

I sold my Macbook and I'm lost without it. I carried it with me everywhere and used it as my primary computer. I've got a four year old IMAC that runs like new and a brand new PC that crashed right out of the box. The store is replacing it but then I have to go through that whole process again. I know, you're probably thinking as much as I love software I'm enjoying it. NOT! I like programs to run smoothly. Macs are so effortless, so well designed, it's hard to go back to PC, even temporarily.

I guess I've become a Mac snob. At least I have my IMAC. Since I discovered OMMwriter I don't think I can give it up. Maybe PC users will get lucky when they put out the PC version.

The problem is flow. I need to get stabilized on one computer so I can get back into my writing routine. I've been back and forth between laptops.

Sports news - the US and England tied in the World Cup so we're still in it. And NFL football players are on the practice field so it won't be long before football season starts. I'm getting in the mood with my new ringtone - the Fox NFL theme.

Are you ready for some football?


Michael Malone said...

We're struggling to hit 70f here in Bonnie Scotland, Marley. If you hate heat you really should move over here. We perhaps get 1 or maybe even 2 days a year when it hits the 90s

Anonymous said...

Yes, Michael, you have marvelous weather, even the cold and rain. The issue for me is that you can always put on more or wrap up to get warm, but you simply can't take enough off to get cool in this kind of heat.

Leah Braemel said...

Oooh, a new song I can add to my iTunes list. (I'm collecting country songs for when I'm writing the sequels to Texas Tangle--I find if I listen to country music it helps keep me in the story)

As for heat -- it was hot in May, had to turn on the air conditioner sooner than we've ever had to before. Then June came in and hello spring weather. I'm quite enjoying it. Windows open, light breezes blowing. Hopefully it'll stay for a while. Because there's no way I can take heat that you consider spring down there. Anything over 80 and I'm melting.

Bill Kirton said...

You remind me that I need to update my country music education. A character in a book I wrote a while ago plays it on a loop on his computer and I note that the performers are Johnny Cash and others of his era. Not much credibility there.
And please don't mention the World Cup - I'm a huge football fan and it's so depressing that so many teams are opting to play negatively. I need to drink an awful lot just to keep watching.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought of you when I listened to this song, Bill. The quirkiness of the words...

I've been trying to learn the rules of play and the players to watch while the World Cup is going on. I have to overcome the horrid background noise of those horns.