Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Besides all That

This morning, Bill Kirton mentioned some of the hazards of being a writer. If you need a laugh, read this most surprising and thought provoking blog on having a relationship with your vitamins and toilet paper. You won't be sorry. I'd love to experience more of that particular hazard - a soaring imagination.

For the last couple of years I've had a different issue. That of the writing/typing arm hurting and going to sleep. Between, writing, using the computer, playing the guitar and delivering the mail, my write arm hurts all the time and goes to sleep very easily, staying asleep most of the night. Numb, not just nighty night. I'm using my left arm when I remember, for like, drinking coffee, brushing my teeth. It seems odd.

I asked my supervisor if the postal service would pay for me to go to the doctor because it's been much worse since the holidays. He said, nah, they will just say you can't do the job anymore, 'maybe you should quit'. I said, "Remind me again why anyone would want this job? No benefits, lots of the heavy mail days, extreme wear and tear on the personal vehicle, the necessity to be on call 24 hours a day, and very little chance of going full time (especially now that they are considering a five day work week).

I finished my manuscript Sunday handwriting approximately 15,000 words so I sat down today to start typing them into the computer. My arm went numb while I was typing so I had a brainstorm. I pulled out my Dragon Naturally Speaking program, reprogrammed it and began dictating. I will have to spring for the newer and Mac version of this software but I think this will be the solution to my problem of writing the MS twice. And for transcribing my dictated notes from my digital recorder. I'll let you know how it goes. I should have the upgrade tomorrow and will get back on the MS Friday.

Mammy's Cupboard, a Natchez attraction on my route.

Fun news! I have another singing gig Friday at a B&B in Natchez, MS across the river. Natchez has a month long event called Pilgrimage which draws tourists from all over the world. Years ago I had a tour guide job at this fabulous antebellum home decorated with antiques from all over the world, including wall paper on the dining room walls saved from some cave in Europe. They extend the March pilgrimage season with music festivals, art festivals, and tours of the antebellum homes. I'm the entertainment for one of them Friday afternoon. It should be fun!

An unfinished octagonal multi story home is one of the favorite homes on tour.

Natchez, Mississippi - a wonderful place to visit. It will remind you of a smaller, cleaner, cooler New Orleans. Come see us!


Michael Malone said...

Looks like a fascinating place, Marley. One of these days.


Marley, have you tried writing left-handed. We women tend to be better suited to switching back and forth between the right and left brains. Perhaps doing some of your various "work" left-handed will help relieve your issues.

(FYI, I write right-handed, but do most other things left-handed--like opening jars and answering the telephone and to use certain inanimate objects Bill Kirton mentioned in his recent blogpost. Yes! Opening the vitamin container and extracting my pill.)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to try writing with my left hand, Linda. Also said to help creatively isn't it. Unfortunately, I can't case mail and deliver it left handed or play the guitar. But I have been trying to do the daily tasks like holding my coffee cup, pulling clothes from the washer with my left hand. That's hard to get used to.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll let you know how I do.