Friday, April 30, 2010

Tornados and Oil Spills

If you follow the straight line of the boot across to where it turns north, we are just left of that crook.

At first they said this severe weather outbreak wouldn't be as bad as last weekend when a powerful F2 devastated Yazoo City, Mississippi which is northeast of here. But it's getting pretty tough out there with Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Wisconsin already reporting tornados.

Dr. Forbes of the Weather channel has what he calls a Tor Con Index. This will be another night where I keep getting up and looking out the window listening to the wind and asking myself, "Is that a train?" They say a tornado sounds like a train, but I always wondered if they meant the roar, the whistle, or the train on the tracks as it passes.

Last week we were expected to get extreme weather. It didn't even rain. Our farmers are out of time. They must get a rain to plant this week or it will be too late. So what's a little severe weather stacked against the loss of their crops.

Three weeks after the oil rig explosion in the Gulf, BP and the authorities are finally mobilizing as it dawns on them that our coastlines, beaches, wildlife and seafood industries are fixing to be devastated by what they originally said was not a large spill. Who were they kidding? The original estimate was 1000 barrels a day. New information suggests 150-200,000 barrels a month are spewing into the waters of the Gulf and Southeasterly winds are blowing them straight at the coastlines of some our most popular beaches. Shades of the Valdez.


Leah Braemel said...

Oooh, be safe. Tornadoes aren't something I have to deal with and they scare the bejeebers out of me.

As for the oil ... yeah, makes me wonder if they're still so firm on their "drill, baby, drill" stance. (pity of it they probably are :( )

Michael Malone said...

Unfortunately the god of The Big Buck will always win over any other concern.

Keep safe.