Sunday, April 25, 2010



I finished Tempest Rising.

On April 11th after being stuck for almost a month, and getting a boot from various writer friends, I turned to the pen and notebook method of writing TR. I concentrated only on creating, moving forward, not trying to project when the ending might come, not counting words, just letting it happen. I really didn't expect it to happen today. But I wrote about 6000 words. Then it was there! Done!

Yey!!! And I don't even care that now I have to type those typewritten words into the computer so I can print the whole thing out and start re-reading it.


Michael Malone said...

Wuhoo - revel in the achievement, Marley. Many people start - but only the hardy, the sainted and the demented finish.

Martie said...

You got me. Though most would say demented, I like -SAINTED. That should get it published without a doubt, eh?

Bill Kirton said...

Nah, there's too many of them about Martie. I'm with Michael. I'd go with demented. Stop trying to fight it. BTW Congrats.