Sunday, August 3, 2008


Haven't been online for over a week because my satellite was down. It's fixed and I have to catch up on bills, blogging and stuff.

I guess the conference is over and everyone is exhausted and headed home. Can't wait to get a listen to the cd.

Last night we had a horrendous storm. A couple people said it seemed worse than Katrina and Rita to them, at least remeniscent of it. Terrible lightning, wind, trees down.

My friend, Elaine, said she got up at midnight and looked out at the moon and stars which were very visible but the wind was blowing about 60 miles an hour, bending the trees almost double. Two trees went down in her yard across her driveway. She told me this story while I was sitting outside this morning under blue skies. I'd called to wish her a Happy Birthday, my life is filled with Leos and Aquarians, lol.

Just then I thought I heard, "Thunder." I said, "No, it couldn't be, the sky is blue and there's hardly a cloud." She'd heard it, too, just a couple seconds later. Is that strange or what? Cool.

Have you ever heard thunder at the same time as someone at least 60 miles away? It takes two hours to get to her place from here, across the Ms. River and through National Forest and yet, we were hearing the same storm. Is that awesome or what? I always thought thunder could only be heard a few miles. You know, even on the weather channel they say, count the seconds between the lightning and thunder, divide by four and that's the approxiate number of miles the storm is from you.

So what were we hearing - some kind of thunder tunnel?

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