Monday, July 28, 2008

Technology update

That hard drive I was having trouble with last week the very first time I used it - failed. I too it back today and the guy at Circuit City hooked it up, refreshed it, tilted it, trying to get it to appear on their computer so he could get my files off it. No luck. I can't believe I deleted some of my files after I did the backup! At least it wasn't stuff I really cared about.

Technology Rage! That's what I've had this week. First the external hard drive, then my satellite internet - which isn't fast on the best of days - has slowed down to a sludgy crawl. I have to contact my congressman. We should be able to get real broadband like the rest of the country.

When there's rain in the midwest the internet slows down in Louisiana. Really, is there any way to make that right? Today the download speed was 336 and upload was so low it didn't even register. No WONDER I can't get any internet work done! Aaargh!

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Leah Braemel said...

aw cr*p ... that's such a rip. I hear you on the technology rant. And that internet speed should be reportable at those speeds - they should definitely be looking into it. You're not getting what you're paying for by any stretch of the imagination.