Wednesday, May 28, 2008



I know what you're thinking - that my husband brought me flowers.

Well, he came home this afternoon with these gorgeous pink roses. My first thought was "whoa, what occasion is this? How sweet." (It would only be the second time he's ever brought me flowers.)

But no worries. He didn't break pattern.

He said, "They're from" (um, we'll call him) "Roy." A friend of ours who grew the roses and asked Joe to bring them to me. Roy and I became friends 20 years ago when I was singing around Natchez and he came to see me perform. We discovered we were both from Maryland. He'd moved to Natchez after he married.

I made him some fishing jigs when he and Joe started trading fishing tales. He said he "wanted to give me something he'd made."

So they will sit here on the table next to my recliner until they dry up. No chance Crawfish Man will get jealous. He's got the 'good feeling' - like HE bought the flowers. All he did was deliver. Clueless.

Thanks, Roy. You made my day.

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Leah Braemel said...

aww, love the flowers. I'd love to get some too, but I usually have to pick or buy my own because unfortunately Gizmo Guy is like CFM. Not a flower giver. He does occasionally pick up other little things, so I can't complain too much. But he seems to think flowers are cliched. I don't.

But isn't it heartwarming to think that Roy thought enough of you to send some?