Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My New Web Site

Wow, I'm so excited.

My new website is up. Rae Monet did a fantastic job of incorporating everything we talked about in our design interview.

If you need a new site, you should give Rae a holler. Poor Rae. She knows she's better at coming up with what looks best artistically but she has to make the adjustments the client - in this case, me - wants only to have the client, again, me - say, I liked it better your way. She really has a great artistic eye. Trust her.

I had designed my own before the Shreveport conference, but after I saw Leah's new site, I knew I needed to get in touch with Rae. She was honest enough to tell me mine wasn't that bad but we agreed that it didn't have the pizzazz, didn't represent what I write as well as it could.

Well, it's got pizazz now! Check it out!
Thanks, Rae

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Cora Zane said...

The new site looks wonderful!