Sunday, January 13, 2008

Remarkable Talent

I'd never heard of Eva Cassidy until yesterday and you probably haven't either.

I was doing some research for the wip I started last week and came across a video of her music on YouTube. I was sad to learn that she died in 1996 of skin cancer and I've only just discovered her.

Her perfect music accompanies this perfect performance in the International Dance competitions of 2005.

When Sting was asked what he thought of her interpretation of 'Fields of Gold' after her death, he said "that he was quite territorial about that song, arrogant even, only to be brought to tears by her totally different vocal interpretation."

I sat in tears myself listening to this unique talent who was never discovered and lost her life at age 34.

Listening to her music reminded me of when I used to sing professionally in much the same style, guitar, intimate settings, ballads. Ironically, she was born and raised about 3 miles from my hometown of Landover, Maryland.

Here's another song among many on YouTube.

Her CD is available via the internet at
and she lives on through her YouTube performances.

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