Thursday, January 17, 2008

Navy guy

I heard from my favorite Navy guy yesterday. He is good at whatever he attempts. 

For the last couple years he's been one of the top Atlantic kayak fishermen. He fishes in the Atlantic in a kayak for huge stripers, shark, cobia. As a matter of fact, he caught one of the largest stripers on record in the Atlantic.

I used to tease him that he ended up in the Navy because I made him watch Top Gun too many times. He even went into flight school but had to get out with high altitude sinus problems. A cool guy.

Well, his news today was fabulous! He's going to be an author. Writing a book about fishing and he'll illustrate it himself. He was always a natural with caricatures, cartoons, so he'll make that a part of his book which will be out in time for Christmas. Maybe we'll still get around to that children's book.

Way to go, Chad.

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