Wednesday, February 24, 2016

He's a #dragon who loves rock music @LiviaQuinn #Paranormal Eve of Chaos

It's Paranormal Love Wednesday. Check out this excerpt and then look for others here at the Paranormal Love Wednesdays blogspot. 

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Excerpt: He called her Victoria.

A fatal flame had scorched the offending abuser down to his one remaining foot. Montana and the woman were safe. Scorch marks marred the floor where the being had stood. Death from above! “Did I do that?” she wondered out loud and looked down her snout at the still oozing tendrils of foggy gray. A deep rumbling, like a hundred Vikings in the great hall enjoying a good joke, came from the direction of the ceiling. She followed the scorch mark up the wall to a view of stars against a black sky. The most beautiful creature she’d ever seen towered over her… and the house, with Luna and Cache as his artistic backdrop. He leaned against what was left of the roof, dragon smugness—a special kind of arrogance singular to dragons—adorning his features. Well, he had a reason to be smug. He’d taken out half the roof and the variant in one fiery exhale, without harming her or the woman on the floor.
“Oooh, you’re good,” she acknowledged, giving him a slight bow. She couldn’t find it in her heart to complain about the remaining butt ugly appendage. His scales were so black he looked like a dragon shaped black hole with his wings, snout and lips edged in brilliant red, the moonlight outlining him like the reflector tape on her ambulance. 
“Lass, you dinnae ken the half o’ it. Tell me. What made ye think ye could take on that hackit faerie by yerself in yer lovely wee fog drakon form?”
At least he had a sense of humor. Hackit meant really ugly. Montana thought about what he’d said. Fog. Hmm. “So that’s why I couldn’t produce the fire...” she said, more to herself. He took her measure intently, his eyes traveling over her lithe ten-foot dragon form. When it reverted to her Valkyrie sized naked warrior body, she thought he smiled. She stood perfectly still, innately comfortable in her nakedness. A small stream of fire sizzled from his nostrils and the irises swirled in his glowing red-rimmed eyes. 
His head disappeared from view and Montana felt a pang of disappointment, but he returned with two tiny scraps of fabric. Well, they looked tiny in his massive jaws. He opened his mouth just enough to allow the material to float down to her and she recognized her lingerie. You never knew where they were going to end up when you shifted. His eyes drifted down lazily that horny forehead wrinkled as he said, “I know your secret, Victoria.” Who would have thought a forty-foot dragon with a head the size of a house could wink, and raise a non-existent brow? “Better cover yourself, Lass. The coppers have arrived.”

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