Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for York #A2ZChallenge

I will be sad not to be visiting York again. There were so many things about the area that made it special. The narrow bustling streets and shops, the friendly shopkeepers. The quaint bar we went into and got quite happy. It was happy hour US time, anyway.

Then the bus took us to Yorkminster cathedral. I wish I could see it again. The windows, the atmosphere were beautiful, but what I remember was how everything stopped when the bells rang. Everyone, everything stopped and became one with the silence. It was stunning. And I couldn't exactly take a picture of that. 

After visiting the shops and the cathedral a few of us visited the Tavern in Coventry where I sang a few songs for the locals. The bar was fairly lively for it being near midnight. They bribed me with an empty bottle of Sheep Dip Scotch. No lie. It sits in my living room to this day. If you get the chance to see York, don't pass it up. It's quaint and beautiful.


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