Tuesday, April 21, 2015

S is for..... Scotland!!!! #A2Zchallenge

Well I've seen that. But on this trip I don't care if I've seen it or not, I'm just glad to be going back.

I have some property in Glencoe I wish I could visit but if not, I'll be happy with Inverness, St. Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nairns, and ANYWHERE else they want to go. I'll do without sleep to make the most of every day while I'm there. And next time I won't wait eighteen years to go back.

Is there some where that calls to your heart? Is it your hometown? I feel like that as well. I miss D.C. even though it's changed so much since I left home years ago. Maybe it's a place totally unlike where you live. Do you wish you could visit or live there?

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