Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for the Queen #A2Zchallenge

Picture It's been a dream of mine to get back to Scotland. The first time I had just read the first two novels in the Outlander series and was carrying Voyager with me. Also with me was a summary of what our family had come up with for our Scottish and Irish genealogy, a William Wallace, several Elliotts, and Robert Campbell. Armed with everything scottish (I thought), I begged onto an eleven day senior trip to England and Scotland.

Our first day, we got stuck in St. Louis due to weather so we arrived a day late to London, which meant we had decisions to make -- remember I was with teenagers -- whether to go to St. Paul's Cathedral or go shopping. Not my choice to make but when the choices came again in Edinburgh, I opted for doing the Royal Mile by myself, in the drizzling rain. It was totally, delightfully memorable. Tells you my state of mind.

I love Scotland. It feels like I belong there. I'm absolutely serious. I cried all the way home. Waa-waa. Well, now I get to go back and this time my friend and I are going to take advantage of the airfare and see some of Ireland, since we both have some Irish heritage. Since we're going to both countries we have to figure out what's the best way to do the money. Carry some cash, debit, coins. Are there lots of exchanges like there were in London (as I remember but that was 18 years ago) and do we get our money changed in the states while the dollar is strong or wait?

I thought I might get to see the Queen but apparently she's not at Balmoral during the time we'll be traveling there. Too bad. I'd like to see Her Majesty's Spunkiness.

Have you been to the UK recently? What did you see?

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