Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meditation and Reflection

What do you see when you watch yourself?

I have a problem with overeating. No, this isn't that much of a secret. It used to be. You might not know it if you looked at me.  I'm only about - at most - twenty-five pounds overweight and that's according to my husband who thinks one of my favorite anchors on TV is overweight. She's not.

However, this was not always the case. I was headed for a dire outcome until I scared myself into quitting quite by accident. Now I eat more healthy but I still binge, usually on better food. But I live with it, and I struggle with it. Now, I don't realize I've overeaten until it's too late. It's like someone outside of me takes over when I get too hungry - other times I'm able to control it or follow a plan. If I have a plan in place with frequent meals at hand, I'm usually good. But when I'm busy or under stress I tend to wait until I get too hungry and then order whatever and shovel it. This is a problem I haven't been able to understand until maybe today.

I've been listening to a free meditation series, going this month for two more days - Osho Meditations for Busy People from the Mentor Channel.  I heard something that made so much sense. Osho discussed getting outside yourself - watching yourself as you go through your day. He said, "Watch yourself eat slowly. I'm going to listen to it again but essentially he was saying learn to observe yourself so that you can stay more aware of what your body is doing - instead of allowing it to win. See what you're eating, how you're reacting to people and situations, be aware.

This is not an easy thing for a person who is as easily distracted as I am, nor is it when you are very busy with work or responsibilities, which is another reason why I keep coming back to meditation.  So I guess this is about the bliss of discovering something that could improve my life, and health. Awareness. I'll keep you posted.

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