Saturday, April 4, 2015

G is for Glasgow #A2ZChallenge

PictureKelvingrove, Glasgow I'll be leaving the wilds of Louisiana for the beautiful Isle Scotland on August 24. My girlfriend and I have been dreaming of another trip to Scotland since I visited in 1998 and didn't want to come home.

In the early nineties, we got hooked on the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. We both have lots of Scottish and some Irish background, doesn't everyone? There's have a great great great? grandfather William Wallace and a mess of Elliotts, an infamous border raider clan. And the Campbells are represented in the Storm Lake series in Campbell Green with Mystic Campbell. "To say I love everything Scottish," to quote Tempe in Storm Crazy, "would be like saying Katrina dumped a bit of rain on New Orleans."

One of the most exciting parts of my trip will happen on my first day in Glasgow – I'll get to meet two dear friends, Michael J Malone and Bill Kirton who also happen to be writers - crime writers. I get a blissful kick just thinking about it. Sometimes the Internet is too cool to fathom, isn't it? 

I've yet to meet a couple of my other writer friends from Canada but one day... the great thing about conferences and regional events is the opportunities to network with friends that you've only met online.

Have you met special friends on the Internet that you have never met? 

If you're blogging with the A toZ Challenge leave a comment and I'll check yours out too.

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