Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for Justified #A2ZChallenge

Yeah, the TV show. I am so sad this week's episode will be the final final one. If Raylan's smiling like he is in the picture on the left, you'd better keep your hands above your waist.

I'll miss this show with its stellar acting and the depth of story, with every character displaying both good and bad characteristics. it gives an added dichotomy to watching each week, when you know you find yourself routing for Boyd, or even Sam Elliott's character because he loved Mary Steenburgen's character (though I was routing for Wynn Duffy in the fight with him that did her in.

Now what is going to happen this week? Who's going to be left standing at the end? Even Art says he'll come after Raylan if he goes out gunning for Boyd on his own so anything can happen?

Are you a Justified fan? I've heard several authors say it's the epitome of great turning points. For me it's the dialogue and emotion and over the top characters and I'm really going to miss it. But it's one of those shows that gets better every time you watch it, so I'll be ordering another season on DVD. If you haven't seen it, you're in luck with all great seasons to watch.

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