Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writers and words

Words are the be all end all to a writer. The nuances of meanings can mean the difference in writing a gem and dishing out garbage.

How much do you use a thesaurus? Do you use an online version or a handy old Roget's? Are you one of the lucky ones who has all those words in your head and you just sit back and smile when I mention thesaurai? [a stab at the plural]

Sometimes when I'm searching for jusssst the right word I'll open my Mac Thesaurus which is essentially the Oxford Thesaurus. It's very handy. But I'm a visual person, color and design stimulates my creative juices. For years I've been checking out unique versions of thesaurus like Thesaurus.com, Word Menu and Visual Thesaurus. But I haven't been willing to let loose of the cash for these yet.

Well, now there's a free visual thesaurus - with a nod to Leah for sharing this with me so I could bring this cool writer's tool to your attention...


It shows relationships between words with the color (legend at the bottom). You can double click a word and it will open a new axis of words. Double tap and drag to spread it out over your browser. And you can choose to fill your browser with the spread of words and zoom in or out. Cool, huh?



Michael Malone said...

This looks really cool. Bookmarked!

Martie said...

well it works a lot better with high speed internet, lol, which you have so that's good.

Bill Kirton said...

I'm all for this sort of tool - thanks for spotting it Marley. I don't use a thesaurus much when I'm writing fiction but I do in other writing - mainly because so much of it is commercial and I get fed up using the same tired expressions that appear in every brochure and piece of corporate literature. Mind you, you can bet that, when I get the text back from the client, they've highlighted my innovation and suggested I replace it with the familiar cliché.

Anonymous said...

How depressing!