Monday, January 17, 2011


Finally, my partial and synopsis are ready to send off!

I had two hard and fast deadlines this week both January 15th, yesterday. One was a contest where I entered the revised partial and synopsis, the other my proposal for a workshop on writing software for M&M in October. I hit the send button on one Friday night and the other last night at 8:30pm after spending the day 90 miles away with a writing buddy brainstorming career choices and publishing options.

It feels good to have accomplished that goal two weeks early but now comes the query writing, ugh!

With my background in sales I ought to be able to write a helluva query but it's different somehow. Maybe I'm making it too difficult. I'll let you know how it goes in two weeks or less.


Michael Malone said...

I'm about to make some queries, so it would be good to see an example of what you come up with.

Bill Kirton said...

I'm not sure where I'd start with an official query. There are hints on various agents' websites but it strikes me that if all one does is follow the rules, it means every query's the same. Good luck with both the workshop and the query.

Marley Delarose, Author said...

Delightful to see your comments this morning.

Thanks for the well-wishes, Bill.

Michael, I'll be happy to share for what it's worth.

Thea said...

major accomplishments, Marley, and it's only 1/15!

Angela said...

Good luck with your query. I'm working on that today myself. For me, it's the hardest part of writing.

Marley Delarose, Author said...

It does feel good. Tells me I need to push myself harder, believe in myself more.
Thanks for popping in.

Marley Delarose, Author said...

Thanks, Angela, but I wish you hadn't said that, lol. I'm hoping it's not as difficult as I remember.

Good luck with yours as well.