Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lazy Blog - Commercials

I've noticed some of the ads on TV have taken a remarkably creative turn. My top picks for the latest plain old everyday TV ads. Which one is your favorite?

Mentos Spider

State Farm

Allstate - Mayhem

With SuperBowl coming up in a a few weeks, the ads will have to come a long way to top these three.  Enjoy!


Steve Finnell said...

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Bill Kirton said...

They're good, but for me it has to be the spider.

Anonymous said...

He is kind of over the top, isn't he?

But I'm partial to Mayhem. That actor was born to play that part.

(Don't know why my vids aren't fitting in the panel. Head scratcher.)

Michael Malone said...

I like the spider.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? I figured you might be into a little Mayhem.