Monday, December 20, 2010

So You Want to Write a Book

Did you miss me? Where have I been? Well, I have been busy.

I have been blogging on Blame It On The Muse and from now on, I'll post my blog there on my Marley blog, so you won't miss a thang!

Let's see, I was going to do Nano but then decided to enter the Golden Heart. For those of you who aren't familiar with the RWA's big contests - that's Romance Writers of America - there are two. The Rita is for published writers, the Golden Heart for unpublished. Everyone says if you only enter one contest, enter this one.

My motivation for entering had to do more with timing - the deadline for the contest and the entry requirements helped me get my synopsis and partial completed to fulfill the requests from the M&M conference in October.

In the middle of those preparations I took a trip to San Diego for my cousin's wedding and got sick in Sunny - ha ha - California. That might have been part of the problem, considering I left sunny and hot Louisiana as we touched down, on the rain blown tarmac the pilot announced sarcastically, "Welcome to Sunny San Diego." I was cold for four days.

I came home, got my entry off (finishing my synopsis the morning I put it in the mail). Now it's time to get back to work, get the partial off, get Reluctant Defender, the new title, revised for the full submission. And start something new.

It is also my intention to be more active on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog.
I'm researching what the most effective use of my time and slow internet is and I'll  keep you updated on what I find out. There are some great software packages, new tools for self promo. Things are changing! More on that soon.

For my writer friends.  Therese Walsh posted the top mistakes writers make on queries and  used this video to make her point. Amy Atwell shared it on own GIAM loop's new daily newsletter.

Don't lie. How many of these comments do you remember someone saying? That's what makes it so funny!


Thea said...

congrats on entering the Golden Heart!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Thea. Whether anything comes of it or not, I got my partial done, navigated one more deadline, and found some weaknesses to fix.

Dale Mayer said...

Hi Marley! My original post doesn't appear to have showed up so I'm back! Although, for the life of me I can't remember exactly what I said the first time. Lol. I'm so happy you took the plunge and entered the GH. It gives you a sense of accomplishment to at least get this far. You never know - you might win.

I love that video - I have it bookmarked to enjoy over an over.

I'm heading out soon for skiing!


Michael Malone said...

love this video. Like the new look, Marley.

Anonymous said...

Dale, wish I was there! Break a leg, well, don't.

Michael, got the push from a friend who has been sprucing his up, ;)