Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We're back...from Moonlight and Magnolias, Part1

What a perfect name for a brilliant event put on my the most gracious writers and volunteers I've ever met. We drove in Sunday night at 10:30 on the last of the gas, adrenaline, and euphoria. I haven't had time to get anything done, not even unpacking, except to gather a few pictures I thought you might enjoy. 

Tomorrow, I'll post the majority of the pictures and links including many of our gracious GRW members. Meantime, check out the forum at the GRW site for links to other M&M blogs.

My lovely critique partner, Cadence Denton, on the first morning of our pitch appointments
 and in the background on her right, Leslie Tentler, who was 
one of the authors lending her advice in the pitch workshop.

In the Michael Hauge workshop with fellow writers and Blame It On the Muse bloggers, Robin Kaye, on the left and Grace Burroughs, right.

Me, and Michael Hauge at his book signing. He had to be tired but he suffered his adoring fans taking pictures with him graciously. (Lois L is in the background awaiting her turn.)

The most generous with her time toward other writers, Allison Brennan, presented her No Plotters Allowed workshop and delivered a wonderful keynote speech at the Maggies Dinner.

Cadence, a real sweetheart, Brenda Davis, and me at cocktail hour before the Maggies

Our fearless GiAM leader, Amy Atwell, who is always doing something on our behalf. 
It was wonderful to finally meet her.

Oops, you caught me and Thomas. We had to have a mini break on the way to dinner Friday.


Christine said...

The pictures are fabulous! And Amy is outstanding as our fearless leader. Great shot with you and Thomas J. I have one with him as well. Oh, he gets around, doesn't he? Where did you go for dinner?

Michael Malone said...

Looking good, Marley. And it looks like you had a great time too. Isn't it nice when our positive expectations are confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Michael, it sure is. THe best conference experience yet. The Georgia romance writers group is one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

I invited Thomas to dinner, Chris, but he had to sign something, couldn't get him to budge from that seat.

Elise Massad said...

Marley - It looks like the conference was a complete success. I wish I had attended. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Elisa, maybe you can next year. Come back for the rest of the pictures this afternoon and tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Marley--it looks like you had a fab time. Best best with all your request