Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moonlight and Magnolias pt 2

Though the draw to the GRW Atlanta conference was Allison Brennan and Michael Hauge, it was great meeting more members of this great RWA chapter. I joined GRW back in 2008 but living so far away wasn't able to go to meetings. Rejoining this year and making it to the M&M conference was a goal for 2010.

Here are some of the fabulous people who participated and volunteered to make this truly wonderful experience. (Please be patient while they load. I got some good ones and I'd appreciate it if you'd point me to some I've missed).

 Jana Oliver offered her time in the pitch practice sessions. She has a new Demon Trappers series coming out soon.
 Bestselling author Kate Brady and I shared an outlet! in the Michael Hauge workshop. Lovely lady. Her sequel to One Scream Away comes out soon.
I recognized Leslie Tentler from her website. She also helped with pitch practice.
 Nina Bruhns who has a new series with Nocturne started out writing some of my favorites Silhouette Intimate Suspense. She was most gracious in offering her expertise.
 THe lady in pink, Sally Kilpatrick was the chairman of the conference and did a fabulous job. She teaches teenagers so often we found ourselves sitting up straighter and listening for instructions, lol. Thanks for everything, Sally.
 Serissia Green has an urban fantasy series and generously offered advice on my current project. What a great picture of Serissia.
 Tamara McLean has a sexy book coming out with a clever cover.
 At registration we got some critical advice from Anna Steffl about our pitches and went straight to our room to work on them. Thanks Anna and Marilyn. You're the bomb!
 These lovely ladies, Ava Malone and Madeleine
 Suzanna Ives whose book Rakes and Radishes just came out with Carina Press, and Cadence Denton.
 Elise Lee, whose book High Stakes, is published by Sourcebooks
 Me and the token Scot, Mr. Kerr.
 Me and GIAMer friend Walt Mussell. Yes, Walt writes romance AND nonfiction AND does parenting articles. The only one I could talk football with. Go Auburn (and Maryland)!!
 Anna Steffl's sister. Don't they look alike? Cute dress!
 Cadence, Brenda Davis (a very cool lady) and me.
 Karen Hall (who I was really beginning to think was German she affected the accent so well) and Cadence.
And my favorite author pose of Cadence's. Now all she needs is the contract! You go, girl


Anne Barton said...

What great photos, Marley! Thanks for sharing them.

Cora Zane said...

Awesomeness! Thanks for sharing the pics, Martie! You and Cadence both look fantastic. It's been too long since I've seen you both. Still sad I couldn't make it to the conference. Maybe next time. :*)

leslie said...

Hi Marley,

I stumbled across your blog - and saw a photo of me! It was great to meet you at M&M. I'd hoped we could talk longer, but it seems there was so much going on and we both got lost in the crowds. I didn't know you lived in Louisiana - would have loved to chat about that. Midnight Caller is set in New Orleans.

All the best,