Sunday, September 19, 2010

Better than Fiction

Randy Moss who plays for the Patriots and could supply his own TV show of replays was responding to a comment made by one of the players on the Jets, their opponent for Sunday's game. Revis, a defender on the Jets team said earlier this week that  Moss was a 'slouch'. 

In a long running feud, Randy came back with "I'll be ready."  New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan said earlier in the week that his cornerback, Revis, was fully capable of covering Randy Moss one-on-one. 

But when it came down to the 'nutcuttin' , as they say in the south, in Sunday's game, Moss made a perfectly executed one handed catch in the end zone with only one man anywhere close. Guess who? Darrelle Revis. And to make it even more ironic, Revis suffered a hamstring trying to catch Moss. 

A beee-autiful catch.

Who says real life can't be better than fiction?

And tonight, Saints vs 49s. (I could cry - Chase, Hawaii Five-O and Castle come on at 9 during the football game.)

Do you have an example of life being stranger than fiction?

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Michael Malone said...

yeah - what you said. It's all dutch to me.