Friday, August 13, 2010

Let's Play results

Well, I thought some of you might like to see what two of our bloggers came up with given those varied story parts. Time travel, two protags - one a female trucker, the other an eleven year old boy, A exmoonshiner g-man, a villainous old lady, and some bizarre key words. The first line was "I place the baby shoes on the table with a sign, "never used". We figured it was a time travel since one of the settings was 1920's.  Title Love Finds a Way or whatever.

This was Hope's story.

Leo Brown, the bastard son of a bipolar Merry-maid, dreams of one day becoming a theoretical physicist. But when he and his best friend, Lola, mistake Stephen Hawkin’s A Brief History of Time, as a cookbook, their recipe sends them careening back in time. . .
. . .To a deserted road in the middle of nowhere, where they are picked up by Dove, a no-account, transgender, truck driver who runs hootch for the mysterious and nearsighted Granny Okie–the main bootlegger in East Bumdaddy, Oklahoma. Dove doesn’t love nothing, ‘cept her(his?) Tommy Gun. And she’s been slugged so many times by the men (women?) in her life that she’s slap-happy.
Soon the intrepid time travelers find themselves caught up in a dust bowl range war between Granny and the broad-shouldered, blue-eyed, holier than thou ex g-man, Meeker, who has taken up the cause of temperance.
Will Love Find A Way to help Meeker reform Dove and show her how good it is to be a woman? Will Love Find a Way to help Leo and Lola get back to the future, or will they miss the Love Boat and end up distressed and alone on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific during World War II? Will Love Find a Way to help Granny quit running hootch and go back to frying up chicken at the local diner?
Love Finds a Way is a yarn about booze, gals who are really guys, and a couple of good for nuthin’ kids. It’s sure to keep you turning pages.

and Cadence's
Dove Bartlett, long distance trucker and time traveler, has searched unsuccessfully through the threads of time and alternate worlds for the baby girl stolen from her fifteen years ago. She’s found no sign of heer daughter, Lola, and only knows that the baby had been kidnapped by an old lady in a black cardigan sweater.
In the 1920’s dust bowl of Oklahoma Dove places the last vestige of Lola – her baby shoes – on the yard sale table along with the hastily written sign: ‘Never used’. Dove was finally conceeding defeat, finally ready to move on with her life when fate stepped in in the guice of an eleven year old boy with an armload of Stephen Hawkings books.
Dove is stunned when the boy claims to know Lola and can find her, but first she must help him escape the G-man, an ex-moonshiner named Meeker Brown, who is chasing him.
There’s more to this story than the boy will tell, but Dove can’t stop now. Not when there’s the best chance she’s had for finding her lost daughter. But will she live to find her?

I'd love to know what Bill would have come up with had he not been on vacation.
We'll do it again. It was too fun not to.

Go Saints! (Yeah, it's that time again. I know we didn't win last night, but we didn't do too badly for preseason against the 'Patriots'.

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Bill Kirton said...

The more I read these creative blogs fashioned out of previously unconnected ideas, the more impressed I am by the amount of talent that's out there.