Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's Play, Part 2

Blogging over at Blame It On the Muse today, part 2 of our improv blog from last Monday. Come join us and show off your story-builidng talent.

The elements we came up with last week were:

A time travel by necessity.

Our first line is: “I placed the baby shoes on the table and propped up the sign: ‘Never used.’

Our first protagonist is a long distance trucker who desires freedom from all ties – emotional and physical.

The second protag is an eleven year old boy who carries around books by Stephen Hawking. He can’t understand them yet, but some day… His uncle was recently killed in Afghanistan and his Mom is pretty dislocated by her brother’s death. This leaves Leonard (he prefers Leo, more reminiscent of the Lion) at loose ends for most of the summer day. His best friend is thirteen year old girl cursed with the name Lola, whose Dad is a geologist, often on assignment…

The villain is a short-sighted old lady who always wears thick cardigans, summer and winter, indoors and out.
Antagonist is Meeker Brown, an ex-moonshiner, now G-man.

One setting: 1920’s dust bowl Oklahoma. Farms being blown away, dust getting into everything. Hobos riding the rails and bank robbers like Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde run wild.

Keywords: slug, fried chicken, blue-eyed, distress, aircraft carrier, transgender, hootch, broad shouldered, Merry Maids, g-men, Tommy-gun, good for nuthin no account, bastard
And an additional  first line  – Dove leveled the shotgun at Ruben’s chest.

Create a title, a back cover blurb, or mini synopsis and share it. There are so many options.

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