Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Satellite Seriously Sucks!

It was no surprise that as I hit the bookmark to go to my dashboard to post this blog, I got that 'your computer isn't connected to the server' message. *&^($#*@&&&$#@! Satellite is a very very small step above dial-up. At least dial-up is cheap.

We're in the process of setting up a new yahoo group and blog. Here's what happens:

I click on Visit your group on the web. Thirty-five seconds later I arrive at the group page. For someone with as many focus problems as I, that's an eternity. But I sit here, patiently, okay I lied, not so patiently, waiting. Finally, it's up.

I click on the Database. ENGHH! (That game show buzzer sound should go off.) My first of many messages indicating that something has interrupted the satellite's view of the dish. I look outside, the sun is shining but there is a little white cloud over to the south. I glance at my modem. Sure enough the little download signal is missing. I click the back arrow and my browser reloads the previous page.

Again, I click on Database. This time, I'm rewarded with the link to the database. So I hit 'Our Bloggers'. ENGHH! (Grrrrrh!) By this time, I have Wild Blue internet rage. SO I go off to type an email about why I'm delayed. Then I think of the floor in the kitchen needing a mop, the wip I was re-reading, the other computer waiting to install QuickBooks and I'm off!

Ooops, ten minutes later I remember I was trying to correct something in the database so I return to the computer. I can't call tech support because the phone is being ported and isn't working. But I've been through this so many times before...

Tech Support: "How is the weather in your area?"

Me: "Sunny with a couple pesky white clouds."

Tech Support: "I show rain and lightning in your area."

Me: "Really. That would be good, things have been really dry here. But I haven't seen any chance of rain in the forecast?"

Tech Support: "You are in Duluth, correct?"

Me: "Duluth, Minnesota?! Er, no, I'm in central Louisiana. Have I got the right tech support?"

Tech Support: "The portal for your internet is in Duluth, so when they get weather, it can affect your reception."

So in addition to the cost of the friggin' equipment, short warranty, slow bandwidth, high monthly cost and limited usage allowances, I have to worry about weather 1500 miles away! And to top that off, the government is pushing for high speed internet country wide and they consider satellite 'high speed'. There's no hope unless I move.

The positive in all this - I'm learning patience, persistence, gaining fortitude (making plans to blow up the dish) no, not really.

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Michael Malone said...

aww man, that sucks. If something I needed fixed was 1500 miles away that would be in a totally different country, with a different language.