Sunday, January 24, 2010

We're Going to the Super Bowl

The Magic of Saints Football!!
I would give just about ANYTHING to be in the Superdome right NOW! Not in a recliner watching the game on my Samsung flat screen. Sometimes it's not about the picture, the sound, the ability to watch replays, the comfort or the long drive to New Orleans. It's the roar of the crowd, bumping up against fans, your own and opposing, the smell of beer, (walking two miles to the closest bathroom and trying to get back before the next good play). The crowd truly is the twelfth player in the game.

It's a responsibility true football fans take seriously. If not, my father wouldn't have hitched a ride in an ice storm to the game after totaling his car and spending the first half in the emergency room. Redskins football, braving the weather, hoggettes in the stands. The Redskins won that day by the way.

In the years since THE hurricanes the state, the team and its fans have struggled together - the team becoming a symbol of a phoenix rising from the flood waters of the MIssissippi. There is magic happening in the Superdome, whether we win or lose.
Minutes ago, the crowd surprisingly sang along with Kris Allen on the Star Spangled Banner. Oh, I wish I was there.

Here's to all the fans in the stands doing the job, standing for all of us here at home. Whoo hoo- do the Reggie Bush dance. We scored!

Oh, Reggie dance again...I predict a high scoring game.

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Bill Kirton said...

Nothing to add - just a big smile at the result. Go Saints.