Saturday, January 2, 2010

Favorite Reads of 2009

Leah Braemel's blog reminded me that I have read some fantastic books this year, several that I'd like to mention here. First, the one that I am currently listening to on audiobook (and dragging it out as far as I can) is Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind, a fantasy about a storyteller told by a brilliant storyteller. I was captured from the first page. Honestly, I might not have ever found this book if Michael M hadn't suggested it. I absolutely hate for it to end. So much so that I'll probably go buy the hard back now and re-read it until book two comes out. Read an excerpt or find out more here

I simply cannot do this book justice so I'll give you a blurb from his publisher.

Told in classic high fantasy style, THE NAME OF THE WIND is a masterpiece that carries a fresh and earthy originality all its own. It transports the reader to the interior of a wizard's mind and to the world that helped create him. It is the story of a legendary hero and the truth that lies behind his legend. But Rothfuss also shows us how a hero can become ensnared in the very mythology he himself has brought to life.

To find a writer of great craft and breathtaking vitality is a rare occurrence. Patrick Rothfuss is that rarity. He will capture you with the power of Kvothe's story and the robust beauty of his writing. Join me in welcoming a writer who will rank with Tad Williams, George R. R. Martin, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, and Terry Brooks. Exciting and rousing, intimate and personal, THE NAME OF THE WIND doesn't just describe what it is to be heroic, it is heroic.

Book Two - I hope - will be out before the August 2010 date on Borders. It's called The Wise Man's Fear.

I blogged last month about the fourth book in my favorite fantasy series, Queen of Song and Soul by C.L. Wilson. Please, if you love fantasy, pick up the first book - Lord of Fading Lands - and give it a go.

Last year I found several new authors - new to me.

Jim Butcher - I started with the latest which is still the best, then started back with number one. The Harry Dresden series.
Jeaniene Frost - Night Huntress, a different sort of vampire.
Charlaine Harris - the Sookie books and her Harper Connelly series

Bill Kirton - Material Evidence, really excellent crime fiction by a erudite Scot who knows alot about writing. If you don't believe it check out his blog I plan to look for book two in that series on my trip to D.C.
Keri Arthur the Riley Jensen books

I mentioned the trip. As soon as I'm done with work on Monday, I'll finish packing and Tuesday I'm off to my hometown, the burbs of D.C. I'm packing nothing but sweats since it's supposed to be cold the ten days of my visit.

So stay warm, stay safe, be a little bit ridiculous, and have a very good start to 2010!

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Bill Kirton said...

I'm flattered by the plug, Marley. Thank you. I'd like to say the cheque's in the post - but it isn't. However, if you do find any cheques lying around, they'll be from me.