Monday, November 2, 2009

Love Knows No Boundaries!

A limitless sky filled with balloons reminds me that anything is possible.

My new website is up. Don't you just love it? If you saw my previous website with the Atlanta skyline and the flashing lightning, you know my webdesigner, Rae Monet has a healthy muse. I hated to see it go, even took a little video of it for posterity then said my goodbyes. It was designed around my first series of books set near Atlanta.

I asked Rae to design something to represent whatever I might write - paranormal romance, suspense, contemporary. Ironically, she'd designed this one a couple weeks before I contacted her. After I saw it I couldn't get it out of my mind. It didn't help that the Balloon races were in Natchez that weekend!

I'll be adding a 'For Writers' page and doing more software reviews after Nanowrimo.

Good luck, Nanoers.

UPDATE: Monday Night Football and our Saints are ahead 28-14. Go Saints!


Michael Malone said...

Good work, Marley. Looking good!

Marley Delarose, Author said...

Thanks, Michael. I just want to sit and look at it but it's time to get back to writing after a morning spent wasted on plumbing. I'd way rather be writing.