Thursday, October 29, 2009

Write... or Die, Sucker! Die!

"Putting the PROD in productivity." Youch!

See the fire on that keyboard? That's what this little program will do for you. Nail your butt to the chair, your hands to the keyboard.

You set the mode and goal. Choose Gentle or Kamikaze!!

Just in time for Nano Write or Die has put out a desktop version of it's popular online writing productivity software.

It's only $10 and works on Mac and PC. Simply pay, follow the link in your payment confirmation email and then click on INSTALL on the site. You'll be prompted to install AIR if it's not on your computer and you're set. (Don't worry about all those scary little error messages you get that make you think you're downloading the HBomb virus, just say yes and continue.)

Now, be brave. Go for it!

I want to hear about it. Did you try kamakaze? Elektric shock mode? (Double Youch!)

Don't be a wuss, set your grace period on Evil, ahhaahhahahhahhhhaaaa. Or you can choose your least favorite evil song to play if you don't make your goal. And new in this version is the ability to have a Word war with a friend, a fun way to kick up the numbers.

Oh, and the free version is still available use if you're online.

Hint: This little program would work well with Freemind if you have to brainstorm in between writing stints.

1 comment:

Leah Braemel said...

when I get home, I am SO going to be downloading this. I rarely use the kamikaze mode, but either way it forces me to keep writing. Verrrra handy.