Tuesday, September 15, 2009

R U ready for some footballllll!!!!

What. Can. I. Say? It's the first NFL Sunday and what a lucky girl am I. My two favorite teams play back to back. First Saints vs. Lions then Redskins/Giants. On top of that, I have to try to catch Federer and Nadal in their SemiFinal matches between games. (Don't ask me how I'd bet on the Redskins game. I don't have as good a feeling about it as I do the first one.)

Halftime report -

Watching the Saints and Lions play. Reggie just fumbled a return and the announcer says, "The Saints can feel good if they can hold the Lions to a field goal with that field position." Huh. "What about blocking the field goal. Or why not get the ball back and run it in for a touchdown?" About that time they intercept Stafford and run it back toward our goal line.

Not ESP, just a combination of wishful thinking and our fantastic new DEFENSE. And our receivers are varied, many, and talented. Moore in particular has picked the ball out of the air time and time again. And it's great to see Shockey healthy and making touchdowns. TWO in the first half.

Go Saints! I wanted 55-10 but I'll take 45-27. Woohoo, go Drew.

Okay, we're going to have to have a talk this week about fumbles...

And what a shot by Federer to beat Djocovic. You just gotta love sports on a day like this.

Addendum: Unfortunately, that hard match took a toll on Roger and he lost to a very likable Argentinian, Martin del Potro. Hated that but the best man won. Then a great double header last night on Monday Night Football. I was rooting for the underdog, BIT underdog Bills but never again. They blew a nearly sure thing over the PATRIOTS!! Sheesh. I wanted to stay up to watch LSU's Jamarcus Russell quarterback the Raiders to victory but I was sportsed out. I guess he needed my support because I went to bed and they lost.

On another note, some Europeans have expressed an interest in the next NFL team to become available. They want to move it to London. Interesting. Then they would really have to call soccer - soccer.

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