Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Change your Mind, Change your Life

Whew! Just got off the treadmill. The other day I blogged about creativity starters and Michael Malone of May Contain Nuts said going to the gym worked for him. Well, that reminded me (yes, I needed a reminder to exercise since I haven't redeveloped the habit) that it was time to get back on the ole walkabout.

So Sunday, I hopped on with my Ipod and treadmill playlists. Problem is, I hate to ease into it. Though my playlists are graduated for an increase in speed, I want to skip to the faster, rockier ones and before I know it, I'm practically dancing/jogging. That's how I pulled a muscle in June. So I'm exercising twice a day for shorter periods for a couple weeks. Close to the end I flip over to something like Mellancamp's Pink Houses which is always good for another 5mins.

I was listening to Mellancamp's 'Your Life is Now' - "You change your mind, you change your life". It always reminds me of favorite Navy Guy/'son' who has accomplished so much by challenging himself, dreaming big and never believing it can't be done. Dream no small dreams!. It's not easy for an unpublished writer to stay optimistic in the face of the economy, the changes in the industry, the bad news always coming out of the media and writers' conferences.

I pull out these great quotes from my first website occasionally to remind myself to keep believing. 'Act as if'. Change my mind. Start with the little things. I have a friend who had a birthday Friday who fairly radiates vitality and youth. A beautiful person who has a great attitude of building other people up. And a sweet cousin who sent me an email this morning that said, "TODAY IS SPECIAL. 09/9/09. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IN A CENTURY. MAKE MEMORIES!!!" Even the US Open players are talking about Belief in themselves against the bigger odds. There are writers out there beating the odds every day. Why not me? Why not you?

It's not January 1st, but it's as good a time as any to start over, to carry through with some of those plans and pursue dreams lay dormant. What about you? Push forward today on one dream, one project, one attitude. Be happy, pursue publication, quit smoking, exercise, spend more time with your kids, work less hours. Go for it!

Do you like one of these quotes or have a favorite?

EDIT: I put the blog up and saw on my blog page that Michael was blogging about Persistence. You'll want to read it.


Michael Malone said...

Hey Marley, isn't it amazing we were both on similar threads?

Anonymous said...

With quotes, too, lol. I'm impressed that you almost have five books completed. Persevere!!