Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I feel so worthless, such an utter failure. I set my goal of treadmilling for life and put my ticker on view for the world to see, then five days into my lifetime grind, I had to stop. (I look pretty good here for someone so out of shape.)

The problem is I tend to jump in like I've been exercising for years and not sitting on my duff reading and writing since crawfish season ended, not that I was doing a whole lot during CF season. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and whether it was on the mail route or due to the stretch bands I have mounted above my machine, I had to take a couple weeks off to let it heal. I have to stop thinking of it as losing momentum. After all, with only five days under my belt, I was still closer to inertia than moving forward toward my goal.

So, today I start again. My goal is to have 365 days of treadmilling in 390 calendar days. That allows me 25 days for illness (I'm never sick) or for holiday mail deliveries which pretty much take care of my leftover energy.

Why don't you get on there with me. Starting July 22, 2009? Any kind of exercise will qualify you. Just give me an occasional update to tell me how you're doing.

Oh, in case the brown hair didn't give you a clue, the very fit bod on this person should have told you - I wouldn't put a full shot of me in shorts on this blog at least until I'm a little fitter. Is that a word? But afterward, maybe I'll post a before and after. Jeez, am I getting brave or what.

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