Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joie de Vive

Leah sent this to me and I've shamlessly put it on my blog because I want to always have a record of this wonderful group of people with their joie de vive.

If you don't wish you knew them or at least that you'd attended this event, you are dead. It's all over. Call the Undertaker!

Know any weddings better than that? These friends must love the bride and groom because I know at least one of those guys said, "Hey, what?! Not me." But did it anyway. What love.


Michael Malone said...

Fantastic. LOVE it.

Bill Kirton said...

Amazing. Simultaneously brings a smile to the lips and a lump to the throat. What a great way to start a marriage.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this one and the X Factor guy Mick mentioned have spurred me to start a Joie collection. We could all use more of it.