Friday, June 5, 2009

Multi-tasking, River Update

Well, you could call it that. I always wondered why I was good at doing many things at once. Took years to figure it out. The ADD thing. I simply can't sit still long enough to finish one thing. I have to do several at once. God, I wish I were different but I've learned that it is not to be. At least I recognize it now and can work with that knowledge instead of wondering and feeling stressed over something I just can't change.

I have such a short, no, short is not the word for it, lightning quick attention span, I washed two loads of water in the washer this morning, down to the spin cycle. TWO. It's new and requires the water...then the soap......fill a little....THEN the towels or whatever. Well, you can imagine, I've never been able to dry a pan on the stove or cook bread in the broiler and have run the tub over countless times.

A few years ago My Hero told me - "Don't dry the skillets on the stove. I'LL DRY THEM FOR YOU." Guess that about says it.

I'm sitting outside in the cool by the bayou, guarding Dusty from the alligators and working on my wip. Well, actually, checking email etc. first. That storm and cool front came though and it's fifteen degrees cooler than yesterday morning.

I'm learning to listen to the birds and other critters. When I hear the birds go off the deep end, there is usually a snake or alligator pulling up, at the very least a squirrel attacking the nest.

I went to BIG CITY to use the library or book store's high speed internet yesterday and can you believe it - the internet was crashed both places. Doesn't bode well for International security does it? Everything wireless. And the satellites don't deliver in bad weather. BooksAMillion said their internet has been very undependable. So I'm going to run to MISSISSIPPI and use the coffee shop's wireless to upgrade and do my big downloads and a little searching, then back home.

A new pic of the river from the Ms River bridge looking at the tourist center. It got within a foot and a half from last year's record. Look how close it is to the bank. The corp of engineers laid heavy rock all the way down the bank while the river was low because it had cut into the bank so close to that facility. There's very little rock out of the water.

OH! Update:
I just realized I've just sort of ignored the river situation this year even though there was an actual levee break near Monroe an hour away from us.

This is the river along the levee I travel to get crawfish. That is land that is underwater on the river side.

And they have now placed relief valves along the levee to take pressure off the river so that if it got too bad they would make sacrificial lambs out of us instead of allowing New Orleans to flood. How do ya like them apples! And no one knows if they knew what they were doing when they constructed these pipelines going under the levee to the Mississippi. They may have created a way to let the monster loose inadvertently.

Last night I dreamed that the water was above the house and Dusty and I had climbed up into a tree. He was sitting dutifully - my dog sitting dutifully, you know that was a dream - by my side awaiting rescue. It was a very long night.


Leah Braemel said...

Yikes - hopefully it doesn't get any higher. I know how stressed you were over it last year. (I can't believe that's a year already!)

And yes, guard Dusty. He'd be little more than a snack to those nasty gators.

Michael Malone said...

Yeah - hope the water doesn't get much higher.

I'm fortunate where I live, the weather does pretty much nothing. Except rain with occasional showers. No extremes at all. Snow would be nice. Sunshine would be too.

Marley Delarose, Author said...

My kind of weather. Thanks for visiting.