Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Save Castle on ABC

It was love at first sight when I saw Nathan Fillion on Firefly. And now every Monday night I wait for Castle to come on at 9pm central on ABC. I can NOT believe that ABC is about to cancel this show.

Well, I can for a couple reasons. First - Murphy's Law - I like it; my friends like it; my husband likes it. So natch they will cancel it. And it has some kind of sound problem and makes it difficult to catch all the dialogue in one sitting. Seems the pace is a little too quick (commercials too long) to delve into the characters' emotions. But as the season went on it was getting better.

So give the series a second chance! Contact ABC and tell them to save the show. Give your feedback.

I found this hilarious interview on Craig Ferguson's show with Nathan from earlier this month. He shows up in a leather kilt to honor Craig with his third visit. FUNNeey.

Don't forget to contact ABC.

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