Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's all over but the crying

Literally. It hasn't been a great year but it's drawing to a close. The crawfish were
'off-cycle' apparently. More about that on my Everything you never wanted to know about crawfish blog on Tuesday (if we don't get severe weather) maybe Wednesday.

But CFM usually wants to quit the week before Memorial weekend. This year, because the crawfish are just now starting to get bigger and he's still feeling pretty good, he's thinking about going one more weekend. Depends on when we run out of freon. Yep, we have a big refrigerated trailer that runs on EXPENSIVE freon and we're having to fill it every five days to keep the crawfish cool. It won't be cost efficient to buy another $350 worth of it until we find the leaks and fix them.

We used to have good weekends almost all the way through April and May but this year even Mother's Day was way down. This area has always had high unemployment but when the oil field slowed down when the price of oil went down, it put a LOT of people out of work again. That and the economy and the excessive competition, the late season start, all contributed. It's a real test to counteract the differing challenges from year to year. As with the rest of LIFE, it's always something.

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