Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I'm not going to show you what my office and storage closet looked like before my friend came to help me organize. It took a hard two and a half days to get things straight and behind me there are still bins to go through and a desk to clear but I'm happy with the results.

I seem to be able to come up with a plan but can't remember the plan &;-)). Ever since the Winter, I've wanted to get my house cleaned out, closets, cabinets, shelves stream-lined. Simplify. I know that's a Spring fever kinda deal, but it's been longer for us. It seems that after Christmas the tasks of gearing up for crawfish season take over and then before you know it, it's Summer and too hot to live.

I've still got painting and reorganizing in the bedroom, porch, kitchen, and living room to do but I have to get back to my synopsis on RC. AND of course I have to travel South tomorrow for crawfish. I can't wait til crawfish season is over. My Hero (CFM) WASN'T last weekend. I looked and him and said, "Come closer, dear, so I can wrap my fingers around your neck," just before I stomped off toward home. You know how they are. They want your opinion, want you around but won't take suggestions and won't accept any help. Sheesh.

When I go South tomorrow I'll pass this beautiful plantation style home. Having been exposed to many wonderful examples in nearby Natchez, Mississippi, I was quite impressed with this gorgeous home.


Leah Braemel said...

Oooh, you did a really good job on your office. I'm jealous of not only that desk but all that storage space you've got.

And OMG what a beautiful home - that double staircase just frames the front perfectly. I'd love to see the inside of it.

*sigh* One of these days I'll make it down that way again - this time in March or some time when it's not 90 degrees in the shade and my glasses don't fog up when I go outside. I can't deal with your type of heat.

Cadence Denton said...

Wow. Great job. Do you hire out, hmm?

Dani said...

I second on Cadence, do you hire out? I still have about a third of Miss M's toys in our living room from March.

It is a beautiful house. Would love to see the inside too.