Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter in the Crawfish Business

Easter in the crawfish business is about suppliers waiting til the last minute to drop a price increase on you, not enough crawfish to go around cuz every one decides that crawfish is a great way to feed a lot of people on Easter weekend. It's about last minute issues caused by the 'Easter' snap - low harvest, high costs, short supply, lots of long hours on the road and at the shack, hauling, cleaning, toting, boiling crawfish. The stress of reinvesting everything you've made so far into one of the biggest crawfish weekends of the season. It's a tossup whether it beats Mother's Day or Memorial weekend.

Can you believe it? Crawfish for Mother's Day! Because Dad cooks, I'm thinkin'. And don't forget Valentine's. Um, is this about the givee, or the giver?

Anyway, the other day I mentioned that the crawfish harvest is way down. One supplier saying that he has plenty of crawfish but they aren't feeding which means they don't go into the net. Today at a restaurant in crawfish country (South Louisiana) someone speculated that it's the ECONOMY!!!

How interesting. What if our global collective consciousness was so negative that the vibes transmitted to the crustacean world and they are too depressed to eat! Come on, people, let's think positive.

Happy Easter!

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