Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Bithday to me

Yesterday. Normally I wouldn't advertise it especially at my 'ahem' advanced age. Uh uh we're not really going there.

But this year I'm making some birthday resolutions. You know this is coming, just like the January deal, I must get in better shape.

But more importantly, this year I'm going to concentrate on being REAL. Allowing myself to be more open to emotion. To be less worried about what other people think and more in tune with what I think.

It's ironic that one of the weaknesses I remember about my mother was her obsessive anxiety over what others thought. It defined her. There's tact and then there's people pleasing.

Unfortunately, during a recent Enneagram course we had to determine our likely type. Trying to fit myself into the Romantic, Skeptic, Nurturer all in an attempt to avoid actually admitting the obvious. I'm a Peacekeeper. God, I hate that.

I want to break some rules or help someone else break them. I want to fly, create, let my muse loose to explore the unknown. Shoot, I'm just starting to get into Fantasy. Maybe I'm in my second childhood. Well, I don't want to go back that far.

I recently decided to create a synopses a day just to exercise my plotting skills. As a writing experiment this week, I plan to do what ifs on my life. Well, maybe just one what if because it had so many twists and turns to it as it is.

Maybe in looking back and imaginatively recreating, I can start a new trend for the future.

Happy Birthday to all the other Aquarians out there!

Edited: Okay so much for not caring what others think, the first day of my resolution. I discovered my drivers license expired today so... Monday I'll probably spend the day at the DMV getting a new one. And of course I'll have to get as pretty as I can for the picture. I'm not going to look like a hag on my DL for 8 years! Silly, huh. But you know every time you pull your DL out people look at it and go ick that's a bad picture. Ironically, I had theee best picture on my license for the last eight years. So I guess I'm due to look like i just escaped from prison.

AND Reedited:
I got started early but when I got to the drivers license bureau, the woman who processed me hit the button which put me in the system and asked me for $21.50 CASH!!! I had planned on writing a check. So I had to find someone in that town who would cash a check for me. After getting that taken care of, I pulled out of the parking lot and noticed my inspection sticker had expired in November!!!!!!!! CFM!!!! So I had to go to the friendly local body shop and get my inspection sticker redone. Okay, that wasn't quite smooth, I found out my registration is about to expire. Sheesh, what have I been doing? Not taking care of the vehicle business for sure.

I don't know whether leaving the area late was good or bad. About 30 miles from my destination I ran into backed up traffic on a stretch of road that is notorious for fatal accidents. I could see the flashing police vehicles from where I sat. And sat. And sat. Apparently two people died. I wasn't about to give up; I was too far from home but had to turn around and follow someone through the back woods way to get around it. This threw me about three hours late. So one carfull of groceries and odds and ends later, I'm home. Whew.

I thought about the poor victims of that wreck who won't be going home tonight...thankful to be home.

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Cadence Denton said...

How long were you stuck in traffic??? Hope the photo turned out okay.