Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flying toward D.C.

As our plane left the tarmac one month ago today, and headed into the heavy clouds like a rocket, I could see container ships lined up, bumper to bumper rush hour traffic on the Mississippi. Much as I like to fly, I'm always uncomfortable on takeoffs into storm clouds until we break through to clearer sky.

Then the visual landscape changes into stark whites, darker grey shadows and muted pinks and blues of what looks like that other arctic landscape. If you didn't know you were in the sky 30000 feet above the earth, you'd think you could land, just over there on that flat stretch, or on that river running between those mountains of snow. I love the ever-changing panorama on display at that altitude and kick myself for not having my camera in my purse.

Not to self: Never try to save $100 again if it means having CFM deliver me to the airport in a CITY. He's okay on interstates on long stretches or around our rural community but when you get on a highway with more than one lane, 4 GET IT. I thought we were both going to have heart attacks before I could get me to the airport.

He jerks the steering wheel instead of turning it, passes cars and pulls in so close a couple times I thought we were going to hit them. He totally panics to the point of wrecking in an otherwise safe situation.

But he's nearly home and I'm 35000 feet up on my way to Orlando to change planes so we're both happy. Live and Learn.

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