Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Writers who want to get healthy unite! It seems that we are all of a mind to make changes in our lifestyle. Would you like to go from this?

To this?

Me, too.

You know those little progress meters we put on our websites to show how our wips are coming along? Well, I went looking for an exercise progress meter and found this nifty little widget which takes you to FitLink.com. My fitness plan involves dance, daily treks on the treadmill, casual writer walks, and plain old fashioned exercise like stretches and walking in place, pushups. So I personalized my widget with these exercises.

Isn't that cool?
On FitLink you can search for workouts, create routes in your area, and interact with others who share your goals or activities. I created a group called Exerwriters for writers who share common lifestyles and goals. Anyone can join, no invitation needed (for now). But you don't have to join to download the widget and get started.

Simply click on create a log on your widget and it will take you to the FitLink page where you choose your activity. Treadmill is under cardio. When you add the workout it takes you to a page to enter your progress. Fill in the stats and Save the changes.

Whether you download the widget, join the group or simply do something each day to become more healthy, I wish you success! Any small steps we make on that journey are building blocks to future if not present success. See you on the treadmill.

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