Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Puppy talk

Last week I introduced the newest member of the family, er, whatshisname? No, I haven't made the decision. I've called him Max, and Dusty, and Too Cute, and MiniBear, Meekins, Cujo, Simba, Smokey, and Dusty (which is CFMs choice). Then at Cadence's dress shop a lady bent down to get puppy love and said he looks like Sebastien to me. Hmm, I'd wanted a literary name of some kind and he has turned around when I called him Sebastien, but it's a lot of name for 1 lb dog. Speaking of a lot of name, while we were at the vets they reminded me that since he's registered he will need three names. So here's the latest attempt
Prince Sebastien Maximillian von Boggy Bayou, And we'd call him Dusty?
Then the girl at the pizza shop mentioned Oliver. I really like Oliver for him, but as soon as I mentioned calling him Oliver, CFM started bringing up those stupid names - Bob, Tony, Coty. The finalists are Sebastien, Bear, Oliver, Dusty, Smoky, Mac, Wolfy, and Prince.

Hey, kid, you're not supposed to lift your leg for months!


I've been following him around this morning with a camera to see what it's like at his level. At one point I caught him in his Daddy's shoe and when I started taking his picture he backup at warp speed dragging his shoe and his Christmas toy into his lair beneath the coffee table.

I was telling Leah about his temper tantrums. If I pick him up outside and try to bring him inside before he's ready, he throws a fit, knashing his teeth like the little werewolf lookalike he is. I've started carrying him to his box and ignoring him when he does that, but he's so pitiful and looks so hurt that I can't leave him for long.

He has his own brand of perfect communication, besides the tantrums, which every mother understands. "I want my way, now!" CFM says if he's whining he wants one of four things, to pee, to poop, to eat, to sleep. Sound like any little humans you know?

And after only a week of being weened he's using the newspaper 80% of the time, at 6 1/2 weeks old! I'm so impressed.

Unfortunately, after working next week and my trip to D.C. next month when he's in CFM's hands he'll probably have to be retrained. I doubt that he is going to be chasing him around and catching him in the act to redefine his habits.

Hey I'll settle for just making sure he doesn't eat a rock or catch some dread disease.

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Leah Braemel said...

He is SO cute.

I can see him as an Oliver, or Bear, or a Max. I'm not seeing Sebastien for him right now. Dusty and Smoky, yes. Not Mac or Prince. And Wolfy ... well, he looks like a wolf, but I'm not like the 'fy' part. Maybe just Wulf?

Arrrgh, I can see why you're having such trouble deciding upon one.

(LOL, the word vertification is trupul - Maybe you need to call him Trouble? Wasn't there a book by that name?)